The middle years is a period of great transition – a developmental phase when a child moves from where he has been to where he needs to go. During this phase of growth, you are still his first choice as a guide, and he needs your leadership.

Below are 8 critical middle-years transitions:

  1. Transitioning away from Childhood and Childhood Structures
  2. Transitioning to Knowing the Facts
  3. Transitioning from Imagination to Reason
  4. Transitioning to New Emotional Patterns and Expressions
  5. Transitioning to Hormone-Activated Bodies
  6. Transitioning to the Growing Influence of Peers
  7. Transitioning to a Sense of Morality
  8. Transitioning from Being Reminded to Being Responsible

The middle years are a time of realignment and sometimes course correction for children and parents. These are transition years when children start the long process of metamorphosis – moving away from childhood dependencies and interests, toward healthy independence and self-responsibility.

The endocrine system begins to release potent hormones which nudge boys and girls toward sexual awareness.

The middle years mark a time of great moral and intellectual growth in children. Logical thinking and a new capacity for moral understanding are the two prerequisites they need in order to regulate their own behavior in the future.

At this time they begin to take ownership of their own values and beliefs.

Source: On Becoming Pre-Teen Wise by Gary Ezzo

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