Healthy family relationships are cultivated, not inherited. This is a key concept to understand because it means the characteristics of a healthy family are within our grasp.

Here are what healthy families with teenagers say are true to them.

  1. Healthy families share core values that all members embrace and submit to.
  2. Healthy families recognize that maintaining the marriage is a priority for family health.
  3. Healthy families know how to communicate with each other.
  4. In healhty families, parents are not afraid to say, “I was wrong.”
  5. Healthy families choose conflict resolution over conflict avoidance.
  6. Healthy families make time to be with each other and to attend one another’s events.
  7. Healthy families have a corporate sense of responsibility to all members.

Theses are things you can have in your family, too.

Source: On Becoming Pre-Teen Wise by Gary Ezzo

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