Let’s look at some traits that, if they are present in your middle-years child, may be cause for concern. If you see them in your child, they tell you that it is time for increased attention to his or her moral development.

  1. Our child acts out when not in our presence or when in the presence of other who know and represent our family values.
  2. Our child tends to enjoy friends more than his or her own family; he or she is always asking to bring a friend along on family activities.
  3. The peers our child is attracted to come from families that do not share our values.
  4. We are starting to hear similar negative reports about our child from a number of sources.
  5. Although it is often done in a playful way, our child is continually seeking attention from the opposite sex.
  6. Our child, upon receiving the answer no from one parent, will go ask the same question of the second parent without saying that the first has already said no.
  7. Our child always bucks the system and wants to do things his own way.
  8. Our child abuses verbal privileges.

Source: On Becoming Pre-Teen Wise by Gary Ezzo

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