Honeyworld Indonesia

PT. Manuka Utama is in partnership with Swift Healthfood Pte Ltd, for selling Honeyworld ™ products for Indonesia market. The expansion initiative was built from the family experiences in consuming honeyworld ™ products for several years, we have been enjoying it’s natural blessing of Manuka Honey that bring healthier life to the whole family. We believe that the same benefits should be made available for Indonesia market, with correct quality of manuka products licensed by UMF honey association of New Zealand.

Swift Health Food was established in 1997 by then a fresh graduate, armed with her brain full of knowledge in Food Technology and Nutrition and a firing passion for sharing her food knowledge with Singaporeans; she decides to enter the Singapore health food market with healthy and nutritional foodstuffs. With the encouragement and urge of our supportive customers, we decided to venture into our own line of healthy dried food products and hence ICON was born in 2001. We work closely with the Health Promotion Board and have pledged to a “healthier food declaration”. As we keep striving to improve and bring in high quality products for our customers, we have included another range of wonderful healthy products, our HONEYWORLD™ honey and bee products like Royal Jelly, Propolis and pollens. We work hand in hand with our customers and suppliers, listening and anticipating their needs, bringing in healthy products from famous and leading brands.