Online POS System for Retail Store

This POS System is made because I can’t found any POS system that match my need. This POS System can track the product price that change very often and count the profit per item in sales based on their cost price. I also add more feature on this system that I need to automate my business process.

Barcode Scanner

I develop this basic feature to make it easier for the store cashier to do the sales. It also give the best accuracy and reduce the mistake probability.

Inventory Management

Tracking items stock level and items cost price become easy. Make report on low item stock based on previous sales automatically. Know how much you own on your product value. Make item transfer between warehouses become easier than ever.

Sales Reports

Sales report that can be easily filtered based on your needs. You can filter based on dates, items, item categories, etc. Detailed reports also available for you. Current report compared to last month performance to keep you aware of how your business is doing in the current month.