is an e-commerce website selling baby formula, baby snacks, and baby diapers. The owner has an offline store and decided to move the marketing budget to online using website and SEM.

Fully Responsive Website

The website looks good on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We develop some custom menu for mobile device only. This website is also approved by google as a mobile friendly website. We develop the mobile to give the mobile user the best user experience because 75% of the visitor come from mobile device.

Connected to POS System

The website is connected to POS system that automatically update product price and stock level on the website. The price and stock level is always up-to-date without manual update on the website. I also do the project for the online POS system. Detail about this POS System will be on another case studies.

Google Analytics Statistic


SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )

After the website go live, we help to invite more visitor to this new amazing website. We help marketing this website using SEM (Search Engine Marketing). When this case studies is written, this website currently on page 1 on the main keyword they are targeting on google search.


I setup a CTA box to offer visitor to put their email for promotion updates. I also provide the newsletter system to broadcast email to the subscribers.

High Performance

This website is optimized to load faster on any device. I use minimal design to make the performance to its best. I also use cache and CDN to distribute load.


I maintain this website’s hosting and put a security and daily backup in place.